Small Succulent Planters

Small Succulent Planters

Materials + Supplies:
    •    Small Plastic Containers

    •    Razor Blade / Utility Knife
    •    Sandpaper  

Size: 4" x 4" x 3" high
Color: Amber SmartColor Pigment
Technique: Packed

Small Succulent Planters

Rather than recycle your used plastic containers, why not use them to make small planters?

With ShapeCrete it's quick and easy to make your own unique planters.


STEP 1: Supplies


STEP 2: Mix

Mix ShapeCrete to a Clay-Like Consistency. You can add pigment if you want to make it colored.


STEP 3: Pack

Pack the mix in the bottom of the container first, then work it up the sides. Smooth the top flat with a trowel to give the top edge an even surface. Cover with plastic and cure for 24 hours.


STEP 4: Demold

Before cutting open the form, sand the top edge with a diamond hand pad or sandpaper. This will help prevent chipping on the top edge.


Slit the plastic with a razor blade, utility knife, or scissors. Then gently peel the plastic away.


STEP 5: Drill a Hole (Optional)

It's easy to drill holes in ShapeCrete with a masonry bit, but you can also make a hole in the bottom of the piece when you're packing the mix in.


Plastic Comparison:

It's interesting to see the difference between these two types of plastic. On the left is PLA (Polylactic acid), which is biodegradeable, and has a more matte surface finish. On the right is PET (Polyethelyne terephthalate), which has a very glossy finish. Different types of plastics will give different surface finishes, even if they both look perfectly smooth.


The Finished Pieces:


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