Casting Mix Consistency

Casting Mix Consistency

    •    Mixing Container
    •    Rubber Gloves
    •    Water

    •    Mold for Casting
    •    Plastic for Covering Mold while Curing

Color: Light Grey
Technique: Cast

Casting Mix Consistency

STEP 1: Add Water and Blend

Following the instructions on the ShapeCrete bucket, add about half of the recommended water and begin blending.

Check the consistency of the mix and add more water until it's flowable. Try not to add too much water as this will weaken the mix. If there is a lot of water on the surface, add more powder and mix again.

When the mix has reached a pourable consistency, you're ready to go.


STEP 2: Pour

Begin pouring from one spot and let the mix flow outward. If it doesn't flow or is a bit stiffer, press it throughout the mold with your hands.

If there's bleed water on the surface after you've poured the mold, then you used too much water. Next time try not using as much. It's all about feel, and after a few times you'll get the hang of it.


STEP 3: Vibrate

Vibrating the form will also help level the mix out and release any air bubbles.

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