How-To Color ShapeCrete

How-To Color ShapeCrete

Materials + Supplies:
    •    ShapeCrete Color

    •    Mixing Containers
    •    Rubber Gloves
    •    Particle Mask

    •    Tablespoon for Measuring

How-To Color ShapeCrete

From left to right: Silver Diamond, No Pigment (Standard ShapeCrete Grey), Monsoon, Steel Blue, Jade, Champagne, Gold, Bamboo, Golden Rod, Sedona, Maroon


STEP 1: Add Color to ShapeCrete and Blend

Add ShapeCrete Color to the mix and blend thoroughly. Break apart any clumps if needed.


STEP 2: Add Water

Gradually add the recommended water to the mix. When the water is added, the mix will turn from pastel in color, to very vibrant. Continue mixing until there are no clumps of unmixed material.


STEP 3: Pack or Pour your Project

Fill your form with the mix.

Tip: Screeding the surface with a rigid piece of wood will smooth the piece.

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