Time Machine by Fu-Tung Cheng

Time Machine by Fu-Tung Cheng

Materials + Supplies:
    •    Plastic

    •    Duct Tape
    •    Rubber Flange Washer
    •    Clock Parts
    •    Jewelry Pieces
    •    Spray Adhesive
    •    Epoxy

    •    Razor Blade

Size: 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" x 3/8" high
Color: Grey
Technique: Cast

Time Machine by Fu-Tung Cheng

ShapeCrete can be cast very thin, making it possible to create jewelry and decorative objects. Using simple hardware and an old clock mechanism, Fu-Tung created this piece of jewelry as a gift for someone special.


STEP 1: The Base

The base can be anything waterproof. In this case Fu-Tung duct taped a piece of clear plastic to a piece of MDF.


STEP 2: The Form

A rubber flange washer is used to create the form walls. It is slit and a small cutout is made to capture the jewelry loop so it can hang from a necklace. The rubber flange is glued down to the plastic with spray adhesive.



STEP 3: The Knockout

To create the void in the piece to inlay the clock mechanism, a rubber disc is used. Center this in the bushing and glue it down with spray adhesive.

Wrap a narrow strip of duct tape around the outside of the form to help hold it together.


STEP 4: Mixing

Mix a small amount of ShapeCrete to a Castable Consistency. Pour it in the form gradually while vibrating to release any air bubbles.

Cover the piece with plastic and allow to cure for 24 hours.


STEP 5: Demold

Remove the rubber bushing, then pry out the inner knockout with a flat screwdriver or awl. Be careful not to damage the concrete. The edges of the piece can be sanded with diamond hand pads, sandpaper, or files.


STEP 6: Epoxy

Glue the clock mechanism in place with a strong epoxy.


The Finished Piece:

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