Packing Vertically

Packing Vertically

Packing Vertically

ShapeCrete can be packed vertically.



STEP 1: Clay-Like Mix

Mix ShapeCrete to a Clay-Like Consistency. Gradually add the recommended amount of water until the mix reaches a clay-like consistency. Test the mix by making a flat pad and seeing if it hangs vertically. If the mix is too wet, add more powder or wait a few minutes for it to set up. With the right consistency though, it can be packed onto the form right away.

For this example we're using a smooth plastic tray to demonstrate how to pack the material up a vertical surface.


STEP 2: Pack it

Begin by packing the mix into the bottom of the form first. Keep the thickness uniform, about 1/4" - 1/2". Don't try to pack the piece to the full thickness at first. Apply the first thin layer and then apply a second layer to reach the desired thickness.

Press the mix between your hands to create pads and layer them on top of each other. Work the pads together at the seams. The more you massage the mix together, the less obvious the seams will be in the finished piece.

If the mix slides down, it's either too wet, too thick, or you're agitating it too much and it's loosening up.


STEP 3: Surface Finish

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