How-To Seal ShapeCrete

How-To Seal ShapeCrete

    •    ShapeCrete Sealer
    •    Water
    •    Terry Cloth Towels


How-To Seal ShapeCrete

ShapeCrete can be sealed with a range of different concrete sealers.

The instructions below are specific for ShapeCrete Sealer. This is a food-safe, water-based acrylic sealer formulated for casting and craft projects. If you plan to use a different sealer, follow the directions for that particular sealer!

Over time, ShapeCrete will develop a patina as it weathers and stains. To help keep your pieces looking nice, you can seal them. This will give them some protection from everyday wear and tear, but the sealer is a maintenance item that needs to be maintained throughout the years.

In the kitchen it is particularly important to seal your ShapeCrete countertops, tabletops, backsplashes, or anything that will come in contact with food. Because the surface is porous, bacteria can grow in an unsealed piece. Aside from items in the kitchen, it's up to you to decide when to seal.


Whether sealed or unsealed ShapeCrete is not recommended for direct contact with food (plates, bowls, cups, etc.).


STEP 1: Dilute Sealer with Water

Dilute CHENG Countertop Sealer with water. The ratio can vary from 30 /  70% sealer to 50 / 50. It's easier to work with the sealer with a high dilution of water, and the concept is similar to painting - apply lots of thin layers instead of one thick layer.


STEP 1: Saturate the Piece with Water

Wet the piece you're going to seal with water. Make sure it's evenly soaked.


STEP 2: Saturate the Piece with Sealer

Apply the Sealer dilution with a clean terry cloth towel. Move it around the surface, letting it soak in. Continue moving it around for a few minutes, then wipe up excess sealer and let the piece air dry.


STEP 3: Continue applying Sealer

Apply multiple coats of the Sealer Dilution until the piece passes a Water-Drop Test. This can be as many as 10 coats of sealer.


The Water-Drop Test:

To see if the piece is fully sealed, place a drop of water on the surface. Let it soak in for 10 minutes and then wipe it away. If the water has darkened the surface, the piece can still absorb more sealer. Apply more coats until the piece passes the water drop test.


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