Draped Planter

Draped Planter

Materials + Supplies:
    •    Water Proof Fabric (something that won't absorb water)
    •    Plastic Bowl

    •    Scissors

Size: 18" x 18" x 8" high
Color: Grey
Technique: Draped

Draped Planter

On a piece of fabric, roll out ShapeCrete to a uniform thickness (3/8"). Wait 10 minutes and then drape the fabric into a bowl. Smooth any cracked edges and allow to cure overnight.


STEP 1: Cut the Fabric

Trace out a large circle onto the fabric. Leave some tabs on the sides so you can lift the fabric up to drape it into the bowl later.


STEP 2: Bowl Details

The shape of the bowl will change the way the fabric folds. Test fit the fabric into a few different bowls to get an idea of what will happen.


STEP 3: Mix and Pack ShapeCrete

Mix ShapeCrete to a Clay-Like Consistency. Pack it onto the fabric, flattening it out as you go. Smooth it to the edge of the of the fabric to a thickness of about 3/8" - 1/2".


STEP 4: Smooth and Let it Set

Take a bit of time to smooth the mix out. This will be visible as the inside of the planter. When you're finished, let the mix set up for about 5-10 minutes. This time will vary depending on the temperature and humidity where you're working. To check the mix, lift up a corner of the fabric. If it slumps down, it's still too wet. If it cracks, you've waited a bit too long and should put the piece in the bowl right away.


STEP 5: Drape into Bowl

If you have a small piece, you can do this yourself. For larger pieces, it's much easier with a helper. Lift up on the tabs and gently drop the piece into the bowl. Let the edges fold naturally.


STEP 6: Smooth any Cracks

Smooth out any cracks that may have formed in the tighter bends and clean up the inside of the planter by removing any loose material.


STEP 7: Cover and Cure

Cover the piece with plastic and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours.


STEP 8: Remove Fabric

Gently pull the fabric away from the planter, being especially careful in the tight bends.

The fabric can be cleaned up and used again.

The fabric in this project can be substituted for other sheet materials, like Bubble Wrap.


For a project with a similar technique, check out the Bubble Wrap Terrapin:

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